* Eligibility-


    - University/Conservatory: BA, BFA/Diploma in Dance

    - High level of committment to the continued growth of one's own "Dance Instrument" 

    - High level of committment in a peer group setting.


 * Costs-


     - Whatever costs, in OSD, incurred by the Participants, will be addressed by pooling of

      resources. Example:  Cost for Studio space for OSD sessions will be negligable in comparison to  

      each Participant registering for a Dance class series at a Studio.  Also,  having an Organization

      host  OSD, by donating space for sessions etc, can also elimate those costs for the Participant

       as well. This avenue can be explored before Participants incur any costs.


  * Resources-


   - Further guidance in setting up an OSD environment will be provided to a group of  Participants

     who choose to establish an OSD environment in their location. Information can be obtained

     through contacting OSD Administration through the Contact Portal


* Benefits-


   -  Immediately following a rigourous University/Conservatory education in Dance, establishing

      an OSD environment, ensures the Participants will not only be able to maintain the same

      rigorous training,  but now in a Professional Peer environment, with individual Artistic and  

      Intellectual freedom governed by the Participants themselves.