The Three integral Components:


The Theoretical Component:  - Based on "Open Source" principals which invites a peer goup of individuals, "The Participants" here Dancers, with similar tools, abilities & resources, who will collectively be the "Source" to contribute towards the development of a "Product", here themselves, "The Dancer".  The Peer nature of this environment is maintained by the absence of a Dance Educator  with the Participants now serving, and gaining experience, on a rotational basis, as Dancer, Choreographer, Company member, Researcher, Collaborater, Investigator & Teacher,  drawing from their extensive University/Conservatory training.




The Physical Component:  -The "Dance Instrument" being the Kinesthetic Body, requires space to continue to fully explore and develop its potential.  Lack of easy access to organized space, for continued rigorous training in a systematic structured format, immediatly following a unversity/conservatory education in dance, is identified as a primary root cause problem in the innability to sustain a Dance career. Hence the Participants will identify studio space and will pool resources to obtain the necessary space for the duration of the OSD Sessions, or host organization can donate space and eliminate all costs for the participant.




The Technology Component:  - All necessary Technology and Media Tools are identified and utilized for documentation, notation, design, development, explorations, collaborations, interactions and praxis in a 21st century Global Dance Community. All generated content, by each Participant will be located in a Local Portfolio Folder or in Cloud Technology solution identified, established and maintained by the Participants in each location.